Friday, November 1, 2019


Not Your Average Mexican Restaurant

As a native Georgia Peach, Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen in Atlanta. However, I my recent visit back, I stumbled across a new but hidden gem!

It was a Friday October afternoon and we stopped to have a margarita at this beautiful outdoor deck where I was told everything was made fresh. From the moment we walked in I soon realized this was not your normal Mexican restaurant. We were greeted with an amazing staff who was dressed to impress and they immediately took us to comfy outdoor couch area. 

After reviewing the menu we decided on their regular margarita and wow, it was fresh and perfectly made, SCORE! After sitting outside for a while enjoying our drinks, we noticed that a gentleman had been sitting there the entire time and wondered if he was the owner. So being the Sothern belle I am, I walked over to introduce myself and to no surprise he was the owner, Miguel Ayoub and he was delightful. We chatted for a bit about Mojave and his family, I thanked him for a wonderful afternoon in Atlanta and we said goodbye. 

The food and drinks were spectacular and the ambiance was unbelievable. If you are looking for a date spot or a place to plan a happy hour for work, consider Mojave!! 

6450 Powers Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

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