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3 Most Common Leadership Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

3 Most Common Leadership Pitfalls &
How to Avoid Them

Many have found themselves working for someone who preaches “good leadership” or “culture is everything” but doesn’t embody those traits themselves. So the question becomes how do we, as individuals deal, with this type of personality? The obvious answer would be to leave the job, however, the simplest answer is not always the best.

The 3 most common leadership pitfalls and how you can avoid them in your personal growth and how to navigate around them if they are coming from your boss. 

1.     Dreamy or Hasty Speech: This is what we call the rahrah leader. The one who is very charismatic and is driving home to everyone how important culture is to the success of the company. Culture will eat a company’s strategic growth plan at every meal. 

How to avoid: When you work for a company where the information feed is not following both directions (up from the bottom and down from the top) yet the leader is preaching culture, this should raise a red flag. Depending on your position, as either a mid-level manager or a front-line employee, be the person who champions both causes. Ensure the information being communicated is getting to the correct team members. 

During the interview process if the company offers situational interviews where there is interaction with current employees ask them, what is the best and worst thing they like about leadership and culture. This will give you an insider view prior to accepting any offers.

2.     Empty Promises: True leaders are people who put their follower’s well-being before their own. An example of an empty promise would be your boss telling you that he/she will be give you a promotion if you do xyz task that would benefit the company, hires someone for that particular position then makes a public announcement to the team without telling you first. Now this could also be considered sexual harassment but that is for another blog!

This pitfall is probably the most difficult because it will ignite anger, confusion and betrayal. It will also require some deep soul searching as you contemplate your response to the situation. 

How to avoid: Unfortunately, this might be hard to avoid. If this situation arises, speak to the Human Resources for guidance and direction prior to making any commitments. It is important to document in writing when any situations arise by email follow up to your boss and HR. Keep a clear and concise calendar along with meeting notes.

3.     Lame Excuses: Excuses are commonly given to assign blame or if leadership does not want to deal with a situation at hand. Often times excuses will be connected to poor culture. The excuse could as small as confrontation avoidance, or larger if it involves company finances.

How to Avoid: Before beginning your journey with any company, it is crucial to research its particular culture, leadership and employee engagement. Glassdoor is one tool that allows for current or past employees to write reviews and even gives pros and cons. Perform a Google search for recent PR as well as a Google search on the executive team. In this day and age of technology, information is at our fingertips, use it wisely.

Inc. recently published an article on If your boss does these five things then it is time to quit.

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