Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Is Your WIFI On?

Is Your WIFI On?

Someone I admire greatly recently posed the question, “is your WIFI on?” Of course the meaning to the question was not a literal but more holistic. This question gave me pause drew me into a self-reflection of what this meant. Was I truly plugged into my own life?

In a fast-paced digital world which is ever changing, the smart phones, tablets, computers are we present in the moment? At any given time, we are witness to the selfie pose which is a great indicator of the lens that most of us look through. 

After much reflection, unfortunately I have to admit that my WIFI is not on and that I am not plugged in and present in the moment. In meetings, distractions are often in the form of reading a text or email that came through instead of actually listening. Truly listening and being present in the moment is becoming a lost artform. When we are with family and friends the social feeds are rolling, the text and email alerts are going off and once again the WIFI is not on.

Research shows mental illness is on the rise in young adults along with suicide in the last seven years. All of which had indicators that attachment to screen time is a major contributor. Some would say that the digital era has brought on a new addiction “FOMO-Fear of Missing Out.”  We cannot change the digital power; however, we can make small changes daily to keep our WIFI on.

5 Steps to Keeping Your WIFI On:

1.    Set boundaries. 

2.    In every conversation whether in business or with family and friends listen. 

3.    Time block every morning for 10 minutes to quiet your mind. This will allow the brain to focus which leads to how we listen.

4.    Find time every day to do something for you. Feed your soul/spirit with things that make you happy.

5.    Surround yourself with positive people and positive situations and energy.

At the end of every day and our lives all we have is the present moment. Remove the lens be engaged your business will grow and your relationships will flourish. 

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