Friday, September 27, 2019


How to Take Your Business Social

We were introduced to Palm Beach Social Diary in the Spring of 2018. This partnership was the brainchild of our CEO and Founder, Nikki Bussard.

Recognizing the marketing climate in real estate was changing, Nikki sought to bring an innovative approach to a traditionally conservative industry. Many industries in the last decade have experienced major disruptors either from technology or new to the market competitors. However, it has only been in the last 24 months that the real estate industry began seeing disruptors with cutting edge technology and forward-thinking brokerage brands emerging. This is evident as we have watched traditional brands such as Century 21 and Coldwell Banker go through massive re-branding and image overhauls. Which if you are in this industry it is understood these moves are made to target the new affluent buyer, as our society is going to witness the largest transfer of wealth from any generation in the near future.

Introducing Jessica Swift, Founder and Editor for Palm Beach Social Diary. Jessica has enjoyed an expansive global marketing and writing career. Which is why it is no surprise she is the #bossbabe behind this brand. Her fresh approach is truly leaving a mark in the retail, hospitality, non-profit and business worlds. PBSD offers partners the perfect blend of print advertising in their beautiful book, digital and experiential marketing. Jessica has taken her luxury brand knowledge in marketing to elevate traditional marketing into a concept that is fast becoming its own brand. 

Palm Beach Social Diary and Jessica Swift is truly the brand to watch! The Bodega Team cannot wait to get our hands on their Fall edition.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019


We have all heard the saying, people may not remember you, but they will remember how you made them feel. What about how we make ourselves feel? Our first entrepreneur spotlight, Heather Reinhardt has made it her life’s mission to self-love and to teach others to do so as well.

One’s journey to happiness often will not be an easy one, but imagine all the wonderful people you will meet on the way. Of course, by people we mean you! Not in a multiple personality way but in a way of self realization. One in which you begin to pull the mask off and let go of the toxic behaviors and thoughts of who you were and begin pursuing love, adoration and confidence during into the person you see every day in the mirror.

Like many of us Heather set out in her early twenties to follow her dreams. Along the way, she experienced both heartache and success and as she likes to say her in her book, “many breakdowns to breakthroughs.” A book of one strong women’s journey that many women will relate too, is sure to ignite a flame inside of anyone who reads it. After releasing her first book, she began working on many other exciting projects including Affirmation Candles. Fitting, right? A woman who is not ashamed to tell the world in a book that she loves and accepts herself is like a daily spa popping up all around us. 

We encourage each of you to read her book and allow her story to inspire you to love yourself and create your authentic life!

Heather, we look forward to the next big thing you create and wish you much luck and success!

So ladies, GoF*uckYourself. #liveyourbestlife

The Bodega

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Is Your WIFI On?

Someone I admire greatly recently posed the question, “is your WIFI on?” Of course the meaning to the question was not a literal but more holistic. This question gave me pause drew me into a self-reflection of what this meant. Was I truly plugged into my own life?

In a fast-paced digital world which is ever changing, the smart phones, tablets, computers are we present in the moment? At any given time, we are witness to the selfie pose which is a great indicator of the lens that most of us look through. 

After much reflection, unfortunately I have to admit that my WIFI is not on and that I am not plugged in and present in the moment. In meetings, distractions are often in the form of reading a text or email that came through instead of actually listening. Truly listening and being present in the moment is becoming a lost artform. When we are with family and friends the social feeds are rolling, the text and email alerts are going off and once again the WIFI is not on.

Research shows mental illness is on the rise in young adults along with suicide in the last seven years. All of which had indicators that attachment to screen time is a major contributor. Some would say that the digital era has brought on a new addiction “FOMO-Fear of Missing Out.”  We cannot change the digital power; however, we can make small changes daily to keep our WIFI on.

5 Steps to Keeping Your WIFI On:

1.    Set boundaries. 

2.    In every conversation whether in business or with family and friends listen. 

3.    Time block every morning for 10 minutes to quiet your mind. This will allow the brain to focus which leads to how we listen.

4.    Find time every day to do something for you. Feed your soul/spirit with things that make you happy.

5.    Surround yourself with positive people and positive situations and energy.

At the end of every day and our lives all we have is the present moment. Remove the lens be engaged your business will grow and your relationships will flourish. 

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