Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Does The Future Hold?

A Visionary Sees Light in the Darkness

Many entrepreneurs begin with a vision to disrupt an industry, create a new product or to change the world. I often wonder how far in the future they envision and if the great ones, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers, understood what a positive influence their dreams would have on so many. Because of the visionaries that have come before each generation, we have all cherished memories, learned from their mistakes and prospered from their accomplishments and many have learned they too have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the last decade, the visionaries in the tech realm have continued to far exceed any expectations society may have had even two decades ago. Many industries have been interrupted by brands like Airbnb, Uber and Bitcoin. Disruption is growth, however, when a business or industry is on the other side of disruption, it could feel like the end.

The foundation of dreams is what we must build upon and to light the path of those who will come after us. As individuals, we must ask ourselves what legacy do we want to leave. I think we would all agree we want to leave the world a better place than when we were here. So what does that mean? What does that look like? Those are the questions we must answer and encourage our community leaders to answer as well. However, each of us must play our part, be engaged, enthusiastic and creating energy in all that we do. Lead from where you are not from where you want to be. Leadership is not about title, position or power. It is about serving others for the greater good of all and not just one. 

I invite each of you on this journey of like to become part of something big, something solid to have a passion for personal and professional growth and vitality. To be unique, we must refuse to settle and be like every other person. So the question I ask you, is do YOU want to be a visionary?

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