Thursday, December 19, 2019


Health on Point!

For years, our culture has been chasing fad diets and looking for a quick fix to shed pounds and inches. Meanwhile, one scientist has been pursuing a sustainable lifestyle to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Paul Arciero, FACSM, FTOS, FISSN is a researcher and a Fellow of three leading health organizations in the world; American College of Sports Medicine, The Obesity Society, and the International Society of Sports Nutrition. He has published more than 58 peer-reviewed research studies on performance nutrition and exercise training in the world’s most respected scientific journals.

Obviously, when someone with these credentials speaks, people listen. Although Dr. Paul speaks with authority, there is a genuine likable human quality that puts the layperson at ease when you are around him. The Bodega Team is excited to partner with him and The PRISE Life team to build this amazing brand. We had the pleasure of spending a day with him at a recent photoshoot. We found Dr. Paul to be charming, funny, and all-around fun to be around.

His relaxed demeanor and passion for helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle are very contagious. We encourage our readers to visit to learn more about The PRISE Life. His book series will be launching on January 7, 2020, with the first book being an updated edition release of The PRISE Life. The series will continue to be released throughout 2020. We cannot confirm nor deny that we may have a manuscript of the book to get a head start for the New Year….

Friday, November 1, 2019


Not Your Average Mexican Restaurant

As a native Georgia Peach, Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen in Atlanta. However, I my recent visit back, I stumbled across a new but hidden gem!

It was a Friday October afternoon and we stopped to have a margarita at this beautiful outdoor deck where I was told everything was made fresh. From the moment we walked in I soon realized this was not your normal Mexican restaurant. We were greeted with an amazing staff who was dressed to impress and they immediately took us to comfy outdoor couch area. 

After reviewing the menu we decided on their regular margarita and wow, it was fresh and perfectly made, SCORE! After sitting outside for a while enjoying our drinks, we noticed that a gentleman had been sitting there the entire time and wondered if he was the owner. So being the Sothern belle I am, I walked over to introduce myself and to no surprise he was the owner, Miguel Ayoub and he was delightful. We chatted for a bit about Mojave and his family, I thanked him for a wonderful afternoon in Atlanta and we said goodbye. 

The food and drinks were spectacular and the ambiance was unbelievable. If you are looking for a date spot or a place to plan a happy hour for work, consider Mojave!! 

6450 Powers Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Monday, October 28, 2019


Boating Florida Keys Style

Our team had the pleasure to attend Eric’s Outboard Key Largo’s grand opening earlier this month. From the nautical decor to the refreshments this opening was GRAND!

A company in business for more than three decades in South Florida, saw a need in the Florida Keys and decided to expand. The Marine Retail shop offers Yamaha accessories for your boat and engine. If you are looking for a part that isn’t in stock, it can be there the next day! Wow, service like that is almost unheard of on an island.

If repairs are what you need and you’re not the mechanic type, no worries, call the store at 786-652-0955 to deploy the Mobile Service Truck. 

We wish Eric’s Outboard much success with their new Key Largo location!

Keep Your Boat Afloat,

The Bodega Team

Thursday, October 24, 2019


Top 5 Reasons to Attend 
The Key West Food & Wine Festival
January 26, 2020 – February 2, 2020

Key West Florida is known to all as a town that knows how to throw a great party. However, what most don’t know, is that Key West is also known for how to combine education and a great party. Now is the time to purchase your tickets and book your hotel for the Key West Food & Wine Festival 2020. This is an event you do not want to miss and here are the top 5 reasons why!

1.     You Love Wine
Dolce Events & Marketing spends the entire year securing the best wine makers in the world to attend this event. Whether you prefer red, white or bubbles, there is something for everyone. This event is also one to explore your pallet. 

2.     You Like to Pair Food with Wine
Food is in the title of the event. From hemp cooking and shrimp boils to a grilled cheese fest, you will learn everything you need to know on how to pair wine with any dish.

3.     You Like to Meet New People
The Key West Food & Wine Festival has a solid following of returning attendees from all over the United States and new ones each year. This event is truly one to meet friends who have common interest with visiting an island, food and wine. Cheers to new friends!

4.     You Wish to Spread Your Wings
Typically you are either a red or white person. However, the Key West Food & Wine Festival is the perfect opportunity to spread your wings and try savory new flavors. We are sure you will pick up a new taste and favorite while at this event.

5.     Life is Too Short for Bad Food and Wine
By the expensive bottle just because, not just for a special occasion. Eat the desert for dinner. We give you permission to enjoy the food, wine and company.

For additional details and to purchase tickets visit:


The Bodega Team

Sunday, October 20, 2019


3 Most Common Leadership Pitfalls &
How to Avoid Them

Many have found themselves working for someone who preaches “good leadership” or “culture is everything” but doesn’t embody those traits themselves. So the question becomes how do we, as individuals deal, with this type of personality? The obvious answer would be to leave the job, however, the simplest answer is not always the best.

The 3 most common leadership pitfalls and how you can avoid them in your personal growth and how to navigate around them if they are coming from your boss. 

1.     Dreamy or Hasty Speech: This is what we call the rahrah leader. The one who is very charismatic and is driving home to everyone how important culture is to the success of the company. Culture will eat a company’s strategic growth plan at every meal. 

How to avoid: When you work for a company where the information feed is not following both directions (up from the bottom and down from the top) yet the leader is preaching culture, this should raise a red flag. Depending on your position, as either a mid-level manager or a front-line employee, be the person who champions both causes. Ensure the information being communicated is getting to the correct team members. 

During the interview process if the company offers situational interviews where there is interaction with current employees ask them, what is the best and worst thing they like about leadership and culture. This will give you an insider view prior to accepting any offers.

2.     Empty Promises: True leaders are people who put their follower’s well-being before their own. An example of an empty promise would be your boss telling you that he/she will be give you a promotion if you do xyz task that would benefit the company, hires someone for that particular position then makes a public announcement to the team without telling you first. Now this could also be considered sexual harassment but that is for another blog!

This pitfall is probably the most difficult because it will ignite anger, confusion and betrayal. It will also require some deep soul searching as you contemplate your response to the situation. 

How to avoid: Unfortunately, this might be hard to avoid. If this situation arises, speak to the Human Resources for guidance and direction prior to making any commitments. It is important to document in writing when any situations arise by email follow up to your boss and HR. Keep a clear and concise calendar along with meeting notes.

3.     Lame Excuses: Excuses are commonly given to assign blame or if leadership does not want to deal with a situation at hand. Often times excuses will be connected to poor culture. The excuse could as small as confrontation avoidance, or larger if it involves company finances.

How to Avoid: Before beginning your journey with any company, it is crucial to research its particular culture, leadership and employee engagement. Glassdoor is one tool that allows for current or past employees to write reviews and even gives pros and cons. Perform a Google search for recent PR as well as a Google search on the executive team. In this day and age of technology, information is at our fingertips, use it wisely.

Inc. recently published an article on If your boss does these five things then it is time to quit.

Team Bodega

Friday, September 27, 2019


How to Take Your Business Social

We were introduced to Palm Beach Social Diary in the Spring of 2018. This partnership was the brainchild of our CEO and Founder, Nikki Bussard.

Recognizing the marketing climate in real estate was changing, Nikki sought to bring an innovative approach to a traditionally conservative industry. Many industries in the last decade have experienced major disruptors either from technology or new to the market competitors. However, it has only been in the last 24 months that the real estate industry began seeing disruptors with cutting edge technology and forward-thinking brokerage brands emerging. This is evident as we have watched traditional brands such as Century 21 and Coldwell Banker go through massive re-branding and image overhauls. Which if you are in this industry it is understood these moves are made to target the new affluent buyer, as our society is going to witness the largest transfer of wealth from any generation in the near future.

Introducing Jessica Swift, Founder and Editor for Palm Beach Social Diary. Jessica has enjoyed an expansive global marketing and writing career. Which is why it is no surprise she is the #bossbabe behind this brand. Her fresh approach is truly leaving a mark in the retail, hospitality, non-profit and business worlds. PBSD offers partners the perfect blend of print advertising in their beautiful book, digital and experiential marketing. Jessica has taken her luxury brand knowledge in marketing to elevate traditional marketing into a concept that is fast becoming its own brand. 

Palm Beach Social Diary and Jessica Swift is truly the brand to watch! The Bodega Team cannot wait to get our hands on their Fall edition.

Follow PBSD on social media and subscribe to the blog at

Saturday, September 21, 2019


We have all heard the saying, people may not remember you, but they will remember how you made them feel. What about how we make ourselves feel? Our first entrepreneur spotlight, Heather Reinhardt has made it her life’s mission to self-love and to teach others to do so as well.

One’s journey to happiness often will not be an easy one, but imagine all the wonderful people you will meet on the way. Of course, by people we mean you! Not in a multiple personality way but in a way of self realization. One in which you begin to pull the mask off and let go of the toxic behaviors and thoughts of who you were and begin pursuing love, adoration and confidence during into the person you see every day in the mirror.

Like many of us Heather set out in her early twenties to follow her dreams. Along the way, she experienced both heartache and success and as she likes to say her in her book, “many breakdowns to breakthroughs.” A book of one strong women’s journey that many women will relate too, is sure to ignite a flame inside of anyone who reads it. After releasing her first book, she began working on many other exciting projects including Affirmation Candles. Fitting, right? A woman who is not ashamed to tell the world in a book that she loves and accepts herself is like a daily spa popping up all around us. 

We encourage each of you to read her book and allow her story to inspire you to love yourself and create your authentic life!

Heather, we look forward to the next big thing you create and wish you much luck and success!

So ladies, GoF*uckYourself. #liveyourbestlife

The Bodega

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Is Your WIFI On?

Someone I admire greatly recently posed the question, “is your WIFI on?” Of course the meaning to the question was not a literal but more holistic. This question gave me pause drew me into a self-reflection of what this meant. Was I truly plugged into my own life?

In a fast-paced digital world which is ever changing, the smart phones, tablets, computers are we present in the moment? At any given time, we are witness to the selfie pose which is a great indicator of the lens that most of us look through. 

After much reflection, unfortunately I have to admit that my WIFI is not on and that I am not plugged in and present in the moment. In meetings, distractions are often in the form of reading a text or email that came through instead of actually listening. Truly listening and being present in the moment is becoming a lost artform. When we are with family and friends the social feeds are rolling, the text and email alerts are going off and once again the WIFI is not on.

Research shows mental illness is on the rise in young adults along with suicide in the last seven years. All of which had indicators that attachment to screen time is a major contributor. Some would say that the digital era has brought on a new addiction “FOMO-Fear of Missing Out.”  We cannot change the digital power; however, we can make small changes daily to keep our WIFI on.

5 Steps to Keeping Your WIFI On:

1.    Set boundaries. 

2.    In every conversation whether in business or with family and friends listen. 

3.    Time block every morning for 10 minutes to quiet your mind. This will allow the brain to focus which leads to how we listen.

4.    Find time every day to do something for you. Feed your soul/spirit with things that make you happy.

5.    Surround yourself with positive people and positive situations and energy.

At the end of every day and our lives all we have is the present moment. Remove the lens be engaged your business will grow and your relationships will flourish. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


A Visionary Sees Light in the Darkness

Many entrepreneurs begin with a vision to disrupt an industry, create a new product or to change the world. I often wonder how far in the future they envision and if the great ones, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers, understood what a positive influence their dreams would have on so many. Because of the visionaries that have come before each generation, we have all cherished memories, learned from their mistakes and prospered from their accomplishments and many have learned they too have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the last decade, the visionaries in the tech realm have continued to far exceed any expectations society may have had even two decades ago. Many industries have been interrupted by brands like Airbnb, Uber and Bitcoin. Disruption is growth, however, when a business or industry is on the other side of disruption, it could feel like the end.

The foundation of dreams is what we must build upon and to light the path of those who will come after us. As individuals, we must ask ourselves what legacy do we want to leave. I think we would all agree we want to leave the world a better place than when we were here. So what does that mean? What does that look like? Those are the questions we must answer and encourage our community leaders to answer as well. However, each of us must play our part, be engaged, enthusiastic and creating energy in all that we do. Lead from where you are not from where you want to be. Leadership is not about title, position or power. It is about serving others for the greater good of all and not just one. 

I invite each of you on this journey of like to become part of something big, something solid to have a passion for personal and professional growth and vitality. To be unique, we must refuse to settle and be like every other person. So the question I ask you, is do YOU want to be a visionary?
Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Culture
In today’s market place change has become the “four letter word”. However, many professional organizations overlook that it may be the best kept secret for growth. If companies cannot find a way to embrace an aptitude for change, the leaders will soon look up and wonder where all the customers have gone. 
Every company’s goal is not merely to survive but to thrive, which is why in the day of a digital world, digital marketing should be at the forefront of every conversation for sales and growth. According to Smart Insights, the latest results indicate the year over year digital presence is growing faster on the cell phone than any other electronic device.  The research goes on to indicate that only a third of marketers are actively pursuing a digital strategy.
There must be a continual assessment of marketing and human capital. Organizations lacking growth should look carefully at their online branding strategy and reputation. In the digital age, people pass along information that is exciting, interesting and valuable. It gives the person who is spreading the word the feeling that they are cutting edge which is how the social influencer was introduced. 
The value in digital marketing is more than the person spreading the information not just the message itself. This is why it is important to tap into employee and client resources. Identify people who hold positions of influence within the community. These people will be crucial in spreading the word about the company, upcoming events or what a great time they had at an event to their peers and industry partners.
With technology continuing to grow making the world smaller, organizations should encourage leaders, employees and clients to embrace the change. Change begins from the inside out which opens up many opportunities for marketing and growth.

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